In today’s time, every online business invests in SEO services either in-house or outsourced so as to boost the ranking their website with horse website design or any other web design relevant to their business in results pages of the search engine, so as to get more organic traffic on their website.

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Now, another aspect that most of the small business owners are not aware of is the SEO audit. Actually, an SEO audit is a fundamental component of any strong digital marketing plan. Below mentioned are the advantages of having a comprehensive SEO audit and website analysis:

  • It facilitates in boosting page ranking of the website.
  • It finds out the problems in the website or web design and thus provides the solution to it.
  • It helps in greater online visibility to users as well as major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Now, this process comprises about checking the source of each click on your tradie websites Sydney, the proportion of hits on your page that converted into sales, threats that may challenge your marketing abilities etc.

Following mentioned are some of the attributes that are focused in the process of the SEO audit:

  • Meta Descriptions – When carrying out SEO audit it is essential to check if the meta description is unique, brief and to the point because otherwise, the search engine will cut it.
  • Page Titles – Similarly as meta it should unique and brief and should be within 70 characters.
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  • Optimize Anchor Text – Avoid using “click here” because it has absolutely no SEO value.

You may also make the images more search engine friendly through the inclusion of alt text. Once you have completed your SEO audit you should begin to see improvements in your ranking very quickly.